Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Published on: Dec 16, 2014

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) for Improved Safety

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) are designed to make your location far safer for people with visual impairments. We work to continually enhance and improve our design to standard to further increase safety for people with visual impairments to be able to move safely and freely around a range of locations across Perth and beyond.

Ideally suited for retail, commercial or industrial applications, these innovative products assist individuals with visual impairments to navigate safely around potential hazards. Serving as directional prompts and helping provide orientation, our tactile surface designs are essential to ensure any commercial building adheres to ASI428.4 standards for disabled access.

A wide range of tactile indicators

Offering individual stainless steel or plastic studs, as well as self-adhesive tiles in a variety of colours, our tactile indicators aim to provide reliable alerts for those with visual impairment, without comprising the aesthetic appeal of your property. Our professional team can install all tactile indicators to the highest standard, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building will adhere to the appropriate standards. With extensive experience in the TGSI industry, you can rest assured that you will only receive superior products and service when you choose the team at Parkers WA.

Directional TGSI

This style of TGSI is suited for guiding the visually impaired along safe routes to help direct them to a certain location. Our adhesive tiles would be best suited, to create long rectangular strips to guide individuals to such areas such as train stations, pedestrian crossings or bus stops.

What can you expect from our service?

The Parkers WA team has always put safety as our number one priority. Whether it be TGSI technology or anything else from our extensive product range, we believe there is nothing more important than ensuring safety for everyone in a variety of locations across the state.

With this in mind, you can expect the following from our TSGI technology:

  • State of the art design: To ensure optimised safety for both the visually-impaired and other pedestrians. Whether it be at a supermarket, school, university, worksite or elsewhere, it is imperative for people to feel as they can more freely and without any dangers posing a potential threat to them. As such, our smart designs are here to enhance public safety and this is something that can be felt with their presence.
  • A passionate service: When you consult our team, you will see that we are truly dedicated to your location’s safety. We know that this is paramount for you, too, and so you will see that when we work with you we will utilise our passion to decide on what solution will work best for your business. Whether you need only a few designs or many, we will be here to ensure you get comprehensive coverage at your location.
  • Tailored approach: To the Safety of your business. This means we will work with you to decide what goes best where and what are some potential high-risk areas. This is our expertise and we are help you get the exact solution you need.

What are our range of warning solutions?

Essential for the general health and safety of your property or location, warning indicators alert individuals of approaching obstacles or hazards which could prove dangerous if not identified in time. Such hazards include stairs, escalators, railway or tram l

Want to learn more about our tactile indicators & other services?

We provide a wide range of products including:

How can we help?

If you would like to learn more about our premium product range or how our tactile surface designs can benefit your premises, call us today on 0434 431 869 or (08) 9439 1731.

  • 300 x 300 self-adhesive tiles (11 colours)
  • Individual Stainless Steel or Plastic studs