Line Marking

Published on: Oct 9, 2017

Line marking across Perth

You’ve probably seen those lines throughout your day-to-day activities. Markings on car parks, lines for road safety and many other markings all over town. But these lines don’t just appear. In fact, Parkers WA has been responsible for a range of safety solutions, including line marking across Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Our bespoke line marking solutions are installed by a professional team, creating the perfect design for whatever application you require it for. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff, we endeavour to always exceed expectations, no matter the job.

Mark your roads, carparks and more

Whether it’s an apartment development or a large-scale center carpark, these markings are designed to last. Rolling, rubbing, scratching or spills are guaranteed to happen, but these marks will be sure to stay just as bold and bright as they did at the beginning. For an exceptional team, quality service and a great finish, choose Parkers WA.

line marking perth

Parkers WA is a dedicated team providing a range of services and products designed to keep Perth running smoothly. From the simple line marking solutions, to more complex signage, speed humps and bollards. We have been delivering solutions for towns, suburbs and private buildings with the right tools for everyone. Keep your customers happy, your system running smoothly and everyone safe.

line marking perth wa

Why do you need first class line marking in Perth?

There are numerous reasons why you always need first class Perth line painting services, there are many that stand out above the rest, including:

  • Public safety: Australia is a country that takes its road safety seriously. After all, we are a large country with many car parks, and this has, unfortunately, given us a disproportionately poor road safety record in the developed world. As such, we are a country that is always working to increase safety across our car parks. Naturally, this is one of the ultimate ways to do it, with a professional service that seeks to clearly identify where motorists can and, more important cannot Businesses and councils need this service, but it’s simply imperative to choose the best in the business. Why? Because this is the ultimate way to optimise safety – doing the job properly – and we always do the job to the highest efficiency.
  • Dedication to safety: Public safety is always the number one imperative for Parkers WA. We started out for that very reason: ensuring Australians motorists and pedestrians were safer from some of the dangerous pitfalls of driving. As such, we always work with specifications designed to truly optimise an individual’s safety in all car park

Is this the service you’ve been looking for?

So, are you looking for ways to enhance your location’s safety? This is an imperative element of Australian car park road safety, so it’s best to never overlook it when you are seeking ways to increase public protection in businesses and across our car parks.

Looking for quality solutions for easier identifiers?

Looking to have a discussion with our friendly team about optimising your business’s or council’s safety? We proudly work on projects across the state, applying our service from small to large car parks , so don’t hesitate to call us today to see how our endeavours can greatly enhance public safety in your location.

Quality solutions for easier identifiers

If you have a public road or private space that needs marking, whether it is for safety of residents or for easy indicators, get in touch with Parkers WA today. We are available to serve and deliver our products all across Perth’s surrounding suburbs, so call us on 0434 431 869 or send an email to for any questions you may have. We’re here to help.