Published on: Sep 5, 2014

Stainless Steel Bollards for Perth Businesses

Simplifying Parking Management in Perth with Stainless Steel Removable Parking Bollards

Protect your perimeter, increase safety or add to look of your space thanks to the team at Parkers WA. Installing a wide range of bollards in Perth, we assist our clients looking for quality installation for a wide range of applications. From parking options that act as a permanent addition to carparks, to retractable and removable bollards that give you the freedom of convenience and extra security when you need it, we have the solutions to suit your needs.

Our Dedication to Strong, Sturdy Parking Bollards

Whether they contain an image, are static, removable, reboundable, colapsable or retractable, nothing beats the super strong technology found at Parkers WA. As one of the state’s leading experts in supplying incredible strong Bollards, you can trust that your assets & safety will be increased once you partner with our team and our products. Regardless of whether you are trying to direct traffic or increase business security, this equipment is some of the most trusted and sought-after in Western Australia.

Our team incorporates both the smartest design principles with state of the art materials and technology to ensure our products are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce parking and traffic technology that always amplifies the safety of the perimeter, ensuring motorists and pedestrians alike can move freely and without fear of a dangerous mishap occurring out of nowhere.

Want to Find Out More About Our Product Range?

When it comes to retractable and removable designs, you aren’t short of options. This is because they each come with different design specifications that can amplify business safety in different ways. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to get in contact with our team if you are unsure which designs are ideal for your location, as some might not be as efficient as others.

With this in mind, We have a number of designs to choose from, including:

Below Ground

  • Standard outside diameter sizes: Ø100, Ø115, Ø140 & Ø165. Others available.
  • Lengths to suit your requirements.  Standard length being 1625mm
  • Powder coated in any standard Dulux colour, Stainless Steel 304 & 316 or Galvanised finishes available
  • Galvanised Caps
  • Reflective tape

Base Plate / On Ground / Surface Mount

  • Standard outside diameter sizes: Ø100, Ø115, Ø140 & Ø165. Others available.
  • Fully welded flanged base plate
  • Lengths to suit your requirements though standard 1200mm
  • Powder coated in any standard colour, Stainless Steel 304 & 316 or Galvanised finishes available
  • Galvanised Cap
  • Reflective tape (if required)

Retractable & Removable Bollards

  • Padlock or key lock
  • Powder coat or Stainless Steel
  • Round & Square profiles
  • Various lengths

Throughout Perth, Parkers WA provides expert installation of parking bollards, whether you require a retractable model, or one that will never move. Our team are committed to maintaining our impeccable reputation, completing all work on time and on budget, meeting the exacting standards of the industry.

If you require stainless steel bollards manufactured, supplied and installed, contact the experts here at Parkers WA. We can help tailor the ideal solution for your requirements throughout Perth and the surrounding areas, with affordable, cost-effective prices and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Call us on 0434 431 869 and discover how our expertise and experience will give you the best possible final result.

What are Some of the Benefits of Parking Bollards?

When you enlist this high quality technology at your location, you can trust that it contains numerous benefits pertaining to its safety and efficiency, including:

  • Avert accidents: If a car happens to career out of control towards your location, you are going to want something to avert a greater crisis from occurring. This technology is designed to slow down or stop wayward vehicles in their tracks, something which is imperative for ensuring any one on the other side of the equipment will have a greater degree of protection from the careering vehicle. If crash-rated/tested Bollards are required, please notify our team during the quotation process
  • Traffic direction: But not only do they increase business and pedestrian safety, they also double as a traffic direction tool, showing motorists and pedestrians which way is better to go and where to avoid. Naturally, when someone sees one of these pieces of equipment in a car park, they are going to work to avoid it, something which further increases motorist and pedestrian traffic in the location.

How can we help?

The Parkers WA team is always on-hand to discuss our incredibly strong traffic control technology with our valued clientele. This is because we love what we do and love hearing about how our products can increase your business’s or organisation’s safety. All you have to do is get in contact and we will talk you through the various options available at your disposal.

If you would like to learn more regarding our extensive range of Image Bollards, removable bollards or any of our other fantastic parking options within Perth, then please give us a call on 0434 431 869.