Convex Mirror Installations

Published on: Feb 25, 2016

What is a convex mirror?

Whether exiting or entering a car park, manoeuvring through a particularly narrow stretch of road or standing in a store, you will probably see a convex mirror mounted in a strategic position offering an you an expanded view of your surroundings.

 Convex security mirrors are used indoors and outdoors, and have been installed to prevent theft and to prevent crashes on blind corners or limited visibility. They are a useful addition to anyone looking to boost security or provide high levels of safety for visitors, customers, and residents.

 Convex mirrors are made of a special polyester that is shock-resistant. Due to the nature of the material it is also incredible resistant to dirt and retains it’s reflective properties indefinitely, although you should consult with the manufacturer before using any harsh cleaning chemicals on it. These mirrors come is a range of sizes, with Parkers WA offering mirrors in sizes between Ø300 to Ø1000.

 Where should I install my convex mirror?

It is important to ensure that your mirror is mounted correctly and securely, as a poorly placed mirror will not provide the widest possible scope of vision. Objects in the mirror will appear further away than they actually are, which is a familiar message printed on many convex mirrors, so make sure to place the mirror in a position that reflects all of the significant zones. When placing the mirror to highlight a blind spot for drivers try to position it to be clearly visible from the drivers seat without the driver having to adjust their driving position to see.

These mirrors can be mounted either on a support pole or directly onto a wall depending on where you are placing it. They often include an adjustable base so that you can change it’s range of vision ever so slightly.

When purchasing your convex mirror make sure to enquire as to whether they include professional installation as part of the service to avoid any mishaps. Whilst it is important to install the mirror in the correct spot, it is also equally important to make sure that the mirror is correctly mounted onto the pole or wall so that it doesn’t fall down and create damage. As will all purchases with Parkers WA, installation is provided along with delivery giving you full coverage service during your installation of your convex mirror.